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Read an Interview features a wealth of amazing longform stories. To help you navigate the interview collection I’m proud to introduce Plus+ Interviews.

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Each Plus+ interview comes with even more great content:

o Exclusive bonus content o
o Previously excluded questions & answers o
o Additional photo galleries o
o Commentary from the interviewer and the interviewed o
o Highlighted reader’s comments o
o Links to additional sources and material o

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The Plus+ interviews:

ClaireProstitution in London

Claire, who’s actually named something else, shared her experience of working with prostitutes in London. You’ll either find this interview amusing or horrifying, but one thing’s certain: it won’t leave you untouched.

Type of interview: Shocking
Reason for Plus+ status: Challenges your perception & takes on a taboo subject.
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Leaving ChurchLeaving church, an emotional journey

Daniel Shirley left the Mormon church after a long inner struggle. The decision to leave cost him his family and friends. As it turns out, there are a lot of people in a similar position of doubt…

Type of interview: Inspirational, life-changing
Reason for Plus+ status: An emotional story on a serious subject that many can relate to.
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Pulmonary Hypertension 2Pulmonary Hypertension

PH is a lung disorder making it very hard to breathe. Christine Liles uses machinery to keep going and the misconceptions are many.

Type of interview: Inspirational, educational
Reason for Plus status: A relatively unknown disorder, spreading the word about PH helps those who suffer from it be better understood by the public.
Bonus material coming soon!

911 ElizabethA 9/11 photo returned after 13 years

When Elizabeth Stringer Keefe retrieved a wedding photo from the 9/11 crash site she took to social media to track down the owner. Was he still alive? 13 years later she found him. An amazing tale of what happens when people come together.

Type of interview: Sensational, inspirational
Reason for Plus status: A highly unusual story with a happy ending.
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Patti DeafEducating companies to hire deaf staff

Patti Sanchez does extraordinary work for deaf people. Hard of hearing herself she understand both worlds: the challenges of the deaf and the potential ignorance of the hearing.

Type of interview: Educational, inspirational
Reason for Plus status: Educating the public about the Deaf culture, spreading understanding and knowledge.
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More about Plus+:

How are interviews chosen for Plus status?

I personally handpick the best interviews based on how they have been received by readers. I look at the number of views compared to other interviews on the site, the number of comments and what the comments are about, and take my personal experience of each interview into account.

The purpose of Plus+ is to bring readers the best stuff available while at the same time promoting meaningful content. Exceptionally inspiring stories that can affect other people’s lives deserve the extra attention.

What are the perks of Plus+ status?

Plus+ interviews are listed on this page in an effort to promote them. Each Plus+ interview also receives its own bonus content page to increase its value. It gives you, the reader, more goodies and a behind-the-scenes look. Bonus content may include:

  • Questions & answers previously excluded from the original interview.
  • Commentary from me as the interviewer.
  • Commentary from the interviewee.
  • Highlighted comments from the readers – how has the interview affected other people?
  • Additional photos.
  • Links & resources.
Can I be featured on Plus+?

Yes, you can! If you’ve been interviewed, share your interview on social media and spread the word as much as possible. The most popular stories have a greater chance of being featured. I’ll reach out to you if your story achieves Plus+ status and we can create your bonus content page together.

If you haven’t been interviewed you can share your story. If it’s interesting enough we’ll do an e-mail interview and you too get a chance to be heard worldwide. The internet is a wonderful place to share your unique experiences!

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