Running a successful business is all about building relationships. You can grab customers attention by paying for ads that are shown on Facebook or through programs like Google’s AdSense. But those ads expire. They are a quick fix, not a long term relationship builder. To keep your ad campaign running, you have to continue paying for it.

What if you could run an ad that never expires, that helps you build meaningful relationships and earns you trust? Well, you can.

The longform interview blog:

Read an Interview is a critically acclaimed longform blog. On it you’ll find stories in the form of interviews, on any subject you can imagine. In fact, that’s all you’ll find here. A new story is published every Monday and readers come back for the high quality content. Click here to check out the site!

Advertising-Word-CloudAdvertise on RAI:

Your story could be next! Participate in an e-mail interview where we dig deeper not only into your business, but into you as a business owner. Great relationships are not just about customers knowing what you sell. It’s about customers feeling that they have a personal connection with you and what you do. Catch people’s attention not by tell them about your business, but by telling them your story.

Here’s what you get:

  • A published interview about you and your brand.
  • Links to your business website at the start and end of the interview.
  • Priceless exposure through longform content – forget banners and Facebook ad campaigns!

Additional benefits:

  • Your “ad” never expires. The interview will live on in the RAI archives indefinitely. RAI has great SEO and your story will be read and reread again and again as readers pour in through search engines.
  • Boost your own SEO. Search engines love unique content that link to your own blog or website, because it shows that people are talking about you. By having a site like RAI write about your business and link to your site you will rank better.
  • Share your story with existing customers. Build rapport and increase trustworthiness.
  • Reach new potential clients. RAI has a loyal following and your newly published story will immediately reach them.
  • Perfect not just for business owners, but for artists, authors and musicians who want to promote their personal brand.

Examples of companies on RAI:

Still not sure? Check out these examples of businesses and business owners having been interviewed on RAI:

You could be next, and you decide how much you want to pay! You would quickly reach high costs just by running an ad that expires in a few weeks. An interview on RAI exists for as long as the website does, and people will learn about you and your business in a way that no other ad campaign in the world can match!

I don’t charge a fixed price for sponsored interviews, but instead ask that you make a donation of your choice prior to your interview being published. If this feels daunting, think of the cost of running a website as a guideline and pick an amount that you’re comfortable with.

Share your story:

There’s one catch: spots are very limited and RAI only publishes unique stories and top quality content. To be eligible for an interview, you have to have a story worth telling. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your business so unique that people would want to read about it?
  • Have you struggled to get to where you are? How? Readers love a good success story!
  • Do you do what you do for a bigger purpose? How could others – our readers – benefit from you and your story?

That said, everyone has a story to share! Not sure what yours is? Sign up below anyway and we’ll figure it out together 🙂

So how does it work?

If you want to advertise on RAI through a sponsored interview, please sign up by filling out the form below. Here’s what will happen next:

  • Your story will be reviewed and you will get a reply within a few days. You will either be accepted, declined (if your story isn’t fit for publishing) or get some additional questions to get a better understanding of you, your business and what you have to say.
  • If accepted we will conduct the interview by e-mail. Allow a few days to research you and your brand so that you are asked the right questions. The point is to not just be superficial about you and your company, but to really get under the skin.
  • 10-15 questions will be sent to you and you can answer in writing. Based on your answers there may be some follow-up questions. A lot of time goes into editing to make the interview feel like we’ve sat down and had a face-to-face conversation.
  • The article will be edited and sent to you for approval. Donate via Paypal prior to publishing.
  • Your story is published!

Sign up now:

If you have questions or inquires before submitting your story, feel free to use the regular contact page.

Who’s the author?

My name is Johan and I’ve been running Read an Interview since 2013. I’m an ex-journalist, long time blogger and have a real passion for exploring interesting subjects and stories. I love RAI because longform articles are rare on the internet, and because the interviews I publish have a real, meaningful effect on people.

What started out as a way for me to keep my interest in journalism alive has developed into a successful website that has been shared and awarded over and over again. has recognized RAI no less than three times by selecting my articles for special promotion!

I hope that you too see the appeal of RAI, and I look forward to working together on your own personal interview.

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