I’ve always had a keen interest in writing. I love to read well-presented interviews in magazines and online. On Read an Interview, the topics have to be enthralling, the questions spot-on and the people engaging and exciting.

My name is Johan and I run this website as a hobby. The idea of a site with no specific theme, but a vast combination of articles on topics as different as space travels and medieval role playing, might seem overwhelming and pointless. But it’s my belief that a lot of people want to read in-depth interviews about topics they weren’t expecting. To be surprised, to go “aha” when they learn something new. Thus my three indicative proclamations of experiences, that I strive to leave you with after each and every interview I post, are:

  • To feel amazed.
  • To feel inspired.
  • To feel enlightened.

RAI is not a site that you come to for more information on a specific topic, but one to which you return to for topics you weren’t expecting. Visit with a cup of coffee in one hand and a few minutes to spare, to take a break and read something interesting that you didn’t even think of when you woke up this morning.

I have a ton of ideas and am hoping to build a stunning archive of interviews. Return every Monday for updates, or subscribe in the sidebar.

Who do I interview?

Anyone. About anything. However, I have a clear set of quality requirements in order for an interview to make the cut:

  • A topic that is unusual or inspiring. No boring subjects.
  • Spot-on questions, which add value to the post as a whole, are varied and fun.
  • Good answers. No “yes/no”-only, short-sentenced or generally rubbish answers.
  • At least one photo of good quality per interview.

If you believe yourself to be a suitable person for an interview, or if you have an idea or can think of someone you want to be interviewed, share your story. Most interviews are conducted via e-mail.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope to see you around for a while 😀 Keep an eye on the home page for the latest interviews, or subscribe to get new posts directly to your inbox. Enjoy!